A week with lots of “julehygge”

In the last days I experienced lots of julehygge and julestemning, Christmas spirit, in my club. It was the last week before the holidays, so we offered some special activities.

On Monday, we went to the Seaport in Aalborg with the kids in the ungdomsklub. Over there we first ate Pizza, French fries, nuggets and salad at a buffet, before we played bowling in groups of round about five people. Everybody had much fun at this last evening of the ungdomsklub for this year.

The next day, my colleague Bella and I baked Christmas cookies together with some children who had fun to join. We baked the typical Danish “peberkager” and decorated them afterwards as small Christmas presents from the children to their families and friends. Furthermore I showed them how to bake my favored German Christmas cookies, “Vanillekipferl”. We baked many of them for our Christmas party in the club.

On that day, we first ate æbleskiver with jam and powder sugar, before we played the “pakkespil”. That’s a game which is played by nearly every Dane in the Christmas time. Everybody who wants to join has to bring a small present. These are put into the middle of the table in the beginning of the game. After that the players have to roll the dice successively. Each time somebody hits a “6”, he can choose a present from the middle of the table. If there are no presents left in the middle, you can take one from another player. After a certain time the game is finished and every player can keep the presents they have in front of them. At the end of the evening, we ate the Christmas dessert “risalamande”, rice pudding with cream and hacked almonds inside. In the big pot of rice pudding, we hid two whole almonds. The people, who found those in their serving, got an additional present, the so-called mandelgave. I really like that tradition. That’s why I will also prepare it for my family on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you! Glædelig jul og godt nytår!




The last week we had the Christmas dinner in Ungdomsskole, my first Julefrokost. When you ask to the Danish people about the Julefrokost, they always said that is the night where you can do whatever you want, it is a night for lose the control, and it is true…

Felicia and I spent all the Friday morning preparing the party, we decorate the gym like an After Ski German party with lights, artificial snow, wood tables, posters, etc. Everything looked really nice.

When all the guests came we did a kind of cocktail with shots in the hall entrance, after this we went to the gym for dinner and start the party. For dinner we ate Schnitzel with Gemüse, a typical German plate.

When we finished the dinner we started to dance and drink shots, was really funny!



Special Weekend

Hej everybody,

The last weekend was a special one for Paloma and me. The Ungdomsskolen gave us the possibility to use the car I normally have for driving to and from work for a weekend trip up to 500km.

On Saturday we invited two friends to a trip to Aarhus, where we also met with other volunteers we know from the On-Arrival-Training. We had a nice brunch, went to a little creative Christmas market, enjoyed the view on the nice lighted up city from Salling Rooftop, went ice-skating, tried the tasty food at the Street-Food-Market and finished the evening playing fun games in a board game café.

On Sunday a volunteer from France and I drove to the beach town Løkken. We visited the Bolcheriet, where we saw how the typical Bonbons are made and bought Christmas presents for our families and friends. In a café, the owners told us about a Christmas market at Voergaard slot nearby Dronninglund. So we drove up there and it was great! They had decorated the rooms very Christmassy, sold small presents and tasty typical Christmas food and snacks.

Thanks for the fantastic weekend!

Have a nice Advent!

Yours Felicia

Christmas in Denmark

Hi people!

This week was so interesting; everybody started to decorate the office with Christmas things. Practically every day we had something sweet for eat, cake, chocolate, candies…

Is so excited observe how different is everything here, for the Danish people the Christmas is something that you have to celebrate every day since 20th of November until 2nd of January.  Everything is decorate, the street, the houses, the offices… you can see Christmas trees everywhere and you can feel the happiness in the environment.

Actually is not so different than my place, but, I don’t know… here is different, with the cold, hopefully snow, the lights everywhere. It is so nice!

What a funny week!

Hej everybody,

The last two weeks after our Halloween Party in the Fritidsklub were very nice. I will tell you about some activities we offered to the kids.

Last Thursday my colleague Bella and I went to the forest in the next small town to find some materials like leaves, branches, stones or fir cones. Three girls came with us and we spend a nice afternoon collecting the things, eating pølsehorn and boller and drinking hot chocolate. We were very lucky with the weather: It was the only day in that week without rain, we even had some sun, therefore we could see a nice sundown on our way back. What a nice working day!

On Friday Paloma from TV Youth was visiting us to film some sequences for her promotional video about our club. That’s why I thought about some games for a competition in the afternoon. The kids and we had much fun while playing in three teams against each other. As an example, they had to put on a pair of tights with a small ball in one leg, on their heads and try to bowl down empty water bottles with that. Other games were egg-and-spoon race, sack race, basketball, three-legged race and some more.

This week we borrowed material for the so-called Sumobrydning from the Ungdomsskolen. For that we had a big mat in the gymnastic room, four big and soft suits in the form of sumo wrestlers and soft helmets. That’s why the children had very fun fights in the gym hall. We also organized a small tournament in the Ungdomsklub on Wednesday. Everybody enjoyed this possibility.

Ha’ en godt weekend!


Halloween behind the cameras

During these weeks I was working next to my colleagues in the Fritidsklubs, I was filming the Halloween parties in Brønderslev and Hjallerup.

It has been an exciting project in a really scary environment, both of them were different.

brønderslev bloghjallerup blog

It was so funny to film both parties, the scary face of the kids, all the costumes and the amazing decorations in the places and in the food.


Halloween in Hjallerup

Hej everybody,

In the klubs we work in the yearly Halloween Party is a big event everybody looks forward to for a long time. That’s why I also had the possibility to participate at two of them. Last week I helped at the party of the Fritidsklub in the next village, Dronninglund. It was a really nice party, but now I want to tell you more about our party in Hjallerup, which took place yesterday evening.

In the last weeks we did a lot of stuff with the children to prepare the party. Together with the kids, we created many decorations such as skeletons, spiders, lights or pumpkin garlands or helped them doing their own costumes like wolves or witches. The results were really great!

The days before we started hanging the decorations up and cooking or baking the food. We prepared lots of scary but tasty party snacks such as bloody-eye-breads, bloody spaghetti in paprika-monsters, sausage mummies or biscuit fingers.

In the evening after we have put on all the scary decorations which the children shouldn’t see before, each of us adults stayed in one room of the house, waiting for the children to scare them. Because Jan, our klub leader, told the twenty kids a story about a priest in Hjallerup in the 50s who later worked as a very mean teacher. One day he caged two children in the loft of the school because one of them played the accordion, which was in this opinion music of the devil. After some days, the children died up there. After hearing this story the children were asked to go through the house, where they also met the old priest or a skeleton and me as the boy and girl caged in the loft. In each of the rooms they had to talk to us and fulfill a small exercise like singing a creepy song to end their mission by getting a small stone to show they were there. In the end, the story was ended by chasing the old priest out altogether.

After that very scary part, we spent some nice eating the food we had prepared. Furthermore, the most scared child and the one with the best costume, of course a self-made one, won each a small present.

Felicia Linde Jaeckel.